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Bold Scrabbles

nnnnnnnn people tend to confuse the concept of "politics" and misuse the word to label everything related to the government. But politics is something more and something different. 

According to the website, politics is "an ideological form oriented to decision making in a group activity to achieve certain objectives. Could also be defined as a way of exercising power in an attempt to resolve or minimize the shock between the competing interests that occur within a society "

As a student of communication and political science, I felt the need to make this clarification since such word is more than what is typically typecast in the word Politics is power. Making decisions in our lives and carry them out to create change . policy is to take action, to change the things that need to be processed either for good or bad policy is to think critically so,. to face our reality and the realization that only we, we who can put a spin on our life. 

So I decided to create this section (outside the traditional blog of personal experiences and self-improvement). To discuss issues that affect us all as a society and probably have many different interpretations to mine. "Doodles Bold" is simply a space in which the 'doodles' are hoping to become more than just words and can create a social consciousness that will lead us all to action. 

Without further ado, I hope you come soon to your liking and if you crave for can do likewise, click the link "Scrabbles Bold" is the English version of this section. However it is possible that the topics covered in that language are not the same as in Spanish